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PIGINI Red Star 4C

The PIGINI Red Star 4C is a light and handly accordion for orchestra players as well as for entertainment musicians.

The accordion is build with 4 reeds and 15 registers discant and 5 reeds and 5 registers at the bass side. The range of notes is 52 at the discant and 120 basses.

From the 15 discant registers it is possible to have maximum 4 chin switches. The outside design (cover, grill, bellow color a.s.o.) is choosable from each musician.

Possible are also hand made reeds.

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Finally the time has come to replace our old website, which had become rather antiquated.


An overview of the most important changes:


For now, our new website will be available in English and German. A French version is in the works and will be available within the next few weeks.

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Here you will find announcements regarding events and other things in which we are involved and/or interested.


We have brought our catalog up-to-date. It is now driven by a database, which means that easy filtering of instruments by feature is possible.

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